What You Need To Know About Forklift Tyres

Forklift tyres are one of the most important parts of the forklift, as they are what keep the forklift running smoothly along the ground. There are many different kinds you can find, and they each have a specialized use. In order to know what types you need for your forklift, it is important that you know the purpose.

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The most commonly used forklift tyres are : 

  • Pneumatic tyres
  • Solid rubber tyres
  • Polyurethane press-on tyres

Pneumatic tyres for forklifts appear much like a truck tyre does, and it is nearly as heavy duty. The rubber is much more durable, and the extra-deep grooves provide the forklift with extra traction. They use air to cushion the forklift, and these tyres are best used on rugged or rough terrain.

Solid rubber tyres are also made to be durable, but they are made completely solid rather than being filled with air. There is no risk of getting a flat or having the tyre lose air with the solid rubber tyres, as there is no air to leak out. There will also be no cushion between the tyre and the floor, as the solid rubber only has so much elasticity.

Polyurethane press-on tyres are perfect for indoor use. The press-on style is much easier to apply the forklift tyres to the wheel. They have excellent grip and provide amazing traction on smooth concrete, and the rolling resistance is very low. 

When you are buying forklift tyres, keep the above information in mind. Not only can it help you to choose the tyre that will provide your forklift with the best grip and traction for its work, but will also make your forklift last as long as possible.