The Three Types of Plantation Shutters to Consider for your window

Plantation shutters add real value to your home as they are durable unlike other window treatments like blinds and awnings. They are definitely the more expensive option for window treatments in your home, but you need to consider the many benefits they have and you can choose between several options when installing them in your home. 

They are available in real hardwood, vinyl (PVC), and synthetic wood (composite). While all three options offer the same functionality, which one you prefer is a matter of personal preference and budget. You can also get the best plantation shutters online in Melbourne via to make your window beautiful.

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The first type of plantation shutter is real wood which looks luxurious and offers a classic allure that artificial materials cannot replicate. They are the most expensive of the three options, but they offer a rich look that is different from the others. This type is usually available in a variety of stains and colors to complement any home décor. 

The next type of plantation shutters is synthetic wood which is also called composite wood shutters. These types of shutters are assembled from composite materials such as wooden furniture. This wood composite variant performs very well in hot and humid environments and is an excellent choice for people living in temperate climates.

The third and the last plantation shutter option to consider here is vinyl, otherwise known as PVC. It's the cheapest of the three options, and perhaps the most economical option for high-traffic areas such as children's rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. 

Plantation vinyl shutters offer the best durability and are the cheapest option. With all these types of shutters, one thing applies to all: they are window treatment options that will go on and broadcast along with your home.