Building Trust Through Messenger Bot

A new product known as Facebook Messenger Bot has been developed by marketers and technology companies to automate the task of conversation between users of Yahoo Messenger and their friends. It is basically an advanced form of artificial intelligence software, which uses artificial intelligence capabilities to chat with consumers on the internet using natural language protocols like SMS and IM. This innovative product will take the task of human conversation to a higher level by employing some sophisticated techniques of AI and MLQ to interact and connect with individuals around the world. In simple terms, this new product can replace all the different customer support professionals in a business, including support staff, phone representatives, customer care executives, and chat agents. So, what exactly is Messenger Bot and how will it impact the future of marketing?

A messenger bot is basically a piece of application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to chat with customers on the internet using natural speech protocols (like SMS and IM). Simply put, these robots can then formulate an appropriate response to whatever is being asked by the consumer and then automatically deliver it in a more human manner. As you will notice, automated robots have the capacity to completely revolutionize the nature of customer support, marketing, and Sales simply because bot apps have the ability to perform on autopilot and for the greater. The end result is increased profitability and customer satisfaction because the customer no longer feels he or she is dealing with a cold or automated sales agent, but rather a highly personalized sales agent that will be able to understand the needs and requirements of the prospective customers better than any other sales agent working on the same market or brand. Furthermore, as the sales agent uses the innovative artificial intelligence engine to interpret the messages and deliver the appropriate message to the customers, the sales agent becomes more productive and happier.

This new bot application is now changing the way people interact with their favorite brands and companies. It has made customer service an enjoyable and even fun experience. Customers can now get in touch with their service providers without feeling intimidated and many brands have found that having an automated bot in place has improved their customer service in a huge number of ways. Customers no longer have to contact customer care centers or call center representatives to get their questions answered because automated bots can do it for them. Most brands are now able to give answers to questions, provide details on products and services, clarify issues and even answer questions regarding refund policies, return policies, etc.

This Facebook Messenger Bot works hand in hand with their customer care team to make everything much more personalized. In fact, some brands have even designed Sephora to include a unique personality and set of responses and requests from the customers. This way, the customer is actually getting the personalized service from Messenger Bot and not just some generic bot programmed to reply to some random keywords. Sephora already uses Messenger Bot as part of their customer support system because this bot answers several questions from its users, e.g. 'Can I mix and match colors for my dress' or 'How do I select the color of the shirt for my job interview'.

As per research, almost half of all American adults access the internet through their mobile phones, making Messenger Bot a significant growth opportunity for companies who use it for customer support, communication, and marketing strategy. According to calculations, almost 45 percent of American mobile users access the internet using their phones and this means that many customers are likely to use the social media platform while shopping on their phones. Since most people chat online, companies can use the chatbot app for SMS marketing strategy as well and use it to capture customer information, build brand loyalty and drive sales.

On the other hand, most e-commerce businesses have already started using Sephora bot and chat bots for SMS marketing strategy. Some e-commerce websites also use chat bots for their e-commerce campaigns, especially if they want to increase the number of visitors. In fact, e-commerce websites and messaging apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Sephora already have their own shopping bots. In fact, according to an estimate, the biggest shopping bot in the world, called Shopping BOT, outsells Google Shopping Bot, Google Assistant, Yahoo Messenger, and Apple iAd.

With the help of Messenger Bot, companies are able to give their customers personalized recommendations and tips on the ordering process. For example, if a customer wants to order a birthday cake, the bot can suggest different cakes that are suitable for different birthdays. It will also help them find a bakery with a variety of toppings and flavors. The cake would be sent directly to the customer once they provide all the required information. Moreover, once the order is confirmed, the bot will send the cake in a simple text message.

The success of this bot would depend on how it complements a company's marketing strategy. This is where a business needs to take the initiative to incorporate the bot into its business. However, a company cannot just install the bot and expect results. Business owners and managers must continuously interact with their customers using the Messenger Bot, as they can build trust among customers and make their reputations stronger. Once the reputations are established, more customers will trust the company and will return to make future purchases using the app.