The Power of Wire Cutting Machines

The function of wire cutting machines is that they are tools that are used to cut different types of wires and flexible tubing as well to specific lengths. They can be controlled via a computer and programmed to cut wire or cable to a specific length.

Wires, cables, glass optical fiber, insulated cable, Kevlar, copper tubing and plenty of other materials may be cut using the wire cutting machines. They can also be the automatic or semi-automatic types of machines that provide precise wire and cable cutting. You can also buy cutting machines at

This tool works by feeding the wire in on a reel, marking the wire with an inkjet or hot stamp printing mechanism then cutting and coiling the finished product on another reel or stacking it in a guide channel. Cutting insulated cable, also often includes a slitting or stripping machine that slits open the cable insulation without damaging the cable's shielding.

This machine is also used for stripping and makes use of a rotating blade to follow the contour of the cable, cutting away the insulation of the cable to expose a portion of the cable. Some may even terminate the cable by crimping or sealing the ends of the wire or cable.

Here are a couple of wire cutting machine models you can consider:

PowerStrip 9500- This can be described as a high-performance, efficient and modular wire, and cable processing system that can be fully integrated into an automatic production line. It impresses with precise and repeatable Schleuniger stripping quality, high processing speed, and a vast range of processing possibilities.

Airline Series – If you want to strip wires twice as fast then nothing compares to Eubanks pneumatic Airline of high-powered wire strippers. What's great about them is it increases the performance of your wire strippers. It clean strips your toughest wire is built rugged for life and it returns your investment in a matter of weeks!