Uncertain Future Of Consumer VoIP Services

In the past, it's been quite clear that VoIP services will remain the dominant feature of high-end business telecommunications for quite a time to take. We've seen enormous growth in the adoption of VoIP by businesses in the last 10 years and anticipate seeing more of this in the next few years.

VoIP can provide businesses with huge cost savings, a broader range of features, and the flexibility needed to keep up with the growing location-independent workers of the 21st century. You can also browse www.unite.ca/unite-voip/ for VOIP services in Canada.

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Consumers have already experienced a major change in their communications service in the past year: switching from landline phones to mobile.

The majority of mobile carriers don't really pay much attention to consumer or residential VoIP right today. Mobile operators have known for quite some time that investing in long-distance calling wouldn't make the company a profit. Instead, they focused on the most effective way to get a profitable and reliable meal ticket.

In the process of enlarging and focusing on coverage for domestic usage, mobile operators haven't taken a single step to make long-distance plans cheaper than they were in the past. They've effectively abandoned long-distance calling issues in favor of expanding data bundles, thereby making it possible for VoIP applications and services to satisfy demands for affordable international communications.