To Mark Pavements, Use Paint That Will Last A Lifetime

Pavement marking paint is a fluid, precision marking agent used in traffic and safety marking systems, and is widely used on roads and highways, as well as in warehouses, aircraft maintenance hangars, and parking garages. You can now get airport pavement markings, runway and airport striping from professionals.

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One of the top paints used to mark floors is Liquid Superior Mark. The color of this line is a refinement resulting from the nano-lithium formula and technology. Water-based, environmentally friendly and has a very low ammonia odor. It dries tightly, has a semi-gloss finish, and hardens quickly, providing easy maintenance and long-term protection from direct damage and exposure to bad weather. 

Its physical properties include 6-month shelf life, available viscous liquid in countless colors, unworkable ignition temperature, low VOC content of 50 aqueous lithium silicate. This floor paint exhibits excellent waterproof properties for optimal formulation and increased durability.

Liquid Superior Mark is a pavement marking paint that offers several advantages over other leading asphalt road marking paints currently available in the market. It is of high quality that has passed tests for blistering, adhesion and discoloration. 

As well as resistance tests to gasoline, motor oil, and abrasion conducted by ASTM or the American Society for Testing and Materials, an international standards organization that controls it and develops technically sound standards superior.

Formulated as an environmentally friendly and solvent-free paint without harmful fumes, odors and fumes. It is non-flammable as it is water-based and hardens quickly and only moves for hours rather than days in road applications.