These are the most Common Machines Used for Demolishing a Structure

Newcastle demolition

Demolition is defined as a structure or building getting teared down with the help of machines and humans. During the demolition process, metals, dust, concretes are some of the elements one comes across at the worksite. All demolition process is different to one another and need to carry the work with proper planning and consideration. Since machines are used to demolish a structure, here are the most common ones used.

  1. Excavator – The excavator is one of the biggest, powerful and efficient machines that is used for demolishing a structure. The excavator gets help from loaders and bulldozers to get the work done with ease.
  2. Bulldozers – Another powerful and efficient machine used for demolishing a structure is the bulldozer. Apart from demolishing a structure, this machine also does additional work like moving damaged dirt piles and roads.
  3. Cranes – Probably the most popular machine used for demolishing a structure is the crane. With an attached cable, one or maximum 2 swings are enough for the crane to demolish a structure.
  4. Dump Trucks – After the demolition of the structure, you will find an accumulation of debris and other waste materials on the floor which is quite common. In order to get rid of these waste materials, dump trucks are called in to collect and then take them away from the worksite. Moreover, these trucks are handy when it comes to delivering important materials at the worksite which cannot be done by other machines like cranes, excavators etc.

Structure demolition in Newcastle region is carried out by these machines.