Some Information On Visa

A visa is a basic travel document for US citizens traveling to many foreign countries. It is also known as a travel visa or entry visa. This last description can be misleading as the visa stamp on the passport does not guarantee that you will be allowed to enter the country of destination. It just gives you permission to arrive at the port of entry.

There, the immigration officer will check your documents and decide whether you are allowed to enter the country or not. Have you ever looked at the visa page of someone who has traveled to different countries? If yes, then you know that visas come in all shapes, sizes and colors. You can also hire dedicated attorneys for non-immigration visas from Milovic law firm.

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Some are just ink stamps. They are usually small enough to fit a few on the visa page. They can be triangular, square or rectangular. The ink can be black, blue, green, red, or purple. Because they are small, there is little room for information. Recently, countries have turned to self-adhesive printing. They are usually printed on a special type of paper.

While you can find some that resemble postage stamps, most of these visas fill the entire visa page. Personal information and visa details are printed on the visa. Personal data includes full name, date of birth and gender. Visa details usually include the type of visa, number of entries allowed, date of issue, validity, and expiration date.