Social Importance Of Arcade Games

Video games have undergone incredible growth in the form of arcades to consoles. Since Pong and as well as the Pixel Games or the appearance of 2D with Super Mario Bros, we all have specific memories of our initial gaming experience.

The game itself has definitely changed however, as we all know that there's a bump of heart that we look back to arcade games such as pinball, skeeball and jet ball, and many other traditional arcade games.

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If we are able to play online anywhere: at home, in the train and on any other platform with multiplayer mode, and even in front of players from all around the world and without being able to feel the atmosphere of the room.

If we feel sad when we consider arcades, it's because they've fulfilled the social role of arcades and also have a role in the game's history. 

Space Invaders in 1978 is typically the time that is chosen to mark the start of the Golden Age of arcade video games. Then, the 80s came along with the best games in the genre: Tetris, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Mario Super Bros and many other casino games. These games were played in rooms that are part of our social and cultural heritage.

They were a real-life space that we could find ourselves in. Although we have to acknowledge that we played by ourselves against the computer and the computer, there were times when the group of us gathered around to help and provide feedback on the game: Every player was able to play in turn, trying out to surpass the scores of the other.

Nowadays, arcades are a part of our culture. How many movies from the 80s feature scenes set in arcades. Beyond that arcade games are also a testament to their era.