Reasons You Should Use a Gutter Guard System

Gutters in your home protect it from damage by draining water and wet debris from the roofline and foundation of your home. You need to clean it regularly and make sure the drains and other parts don't leak or overflow. 

This is a job that requires a lot of care and attention, and hundreds of homeowners are injured in the process each year. Since the gutter protection system is best to clean at least twice a year, usually spring and fall, consider hiring a professional sewer company to do the job. 

Sewer companies offer seven tips for proper cleaning

• Clean and inspect your gutters twice a year to minimize tangles or clogging of leaves and other debris.

• Avoid the temptation to blow up dirt with a garden hose, as this can damage or loosen the hardware holding it to your roofline.

• Always wear thick work gloves to prevent your hands from getting caught on rough edges or exposed to broken glass or other unexpected debris.

• Use a narrow shovel or small garden trowel to gently remove leaves, dirt, and debris, then rinse gently with a garden hose with a low-level spray nozzle.

• Tie the trash bag to your ladder or use the hook to hang the bucket to catch debris as you take it out. This reduces clutter and allows you to clean with fewer trips up and down.

By installing a gutter guard, you can save yourself the inconvenient and dangerous cleaning job and ensure that it continues to protect your home from future damage.