Introduction To Cloud Computing

Cloud computing applies both to applications that are provided as a service over the Internet and to the hardware and software systems in the data center that provides those services. It is this data center hardware and software that we will call the cloud. Cloud computing is a relatively new concept and has recently become popular.

The cloud uses virtualization technology and, in cloud computing, there is a logical separation between the different nodes, with each node appearing to the user as a different physical machine.  For cloud computing services, you can contact managed IT services in Greensboro via ComTech Network Solutions.

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Unlike network computing, several distributed computers are linked together to form one large logical computer capable of handling large amounts of data and computations. In the case of cloud computing, virtualization technology makes each node look like a separate physical machine, allowing users to load custom software and operating systems onto each node and configure specific rules for each node.

The idea of cloud computing evolved from parallel processing, distributed computing, and network computing. There are some similarities between them, but they work differently. Although cloud computing is an emerging field of computer science, the idea has been around for several years. It is called cloud computing because data and applications exist from web servers in the cloud.

To simplify the concept, cloud computing can be defined as simply sharing and using network environment applications and resources to get work done without having to worry about owning and managing network resources and applications.

According to studies, with cloud computing, the computing resources and their data are no longer stored on personal computers but are hosted elsewhere to be accessible anywhere, anytime.