Improving and Increasing Your Speed with Agility Ladder

Athletes and sports persons compete on a regular basis and need to be on top of their game. Agility ladders are used by various athletes to increase their speed and to make them more flexible. It also helps in improving stamina, body balance, and coordination. 

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An agility ladder is used by the athletes to run in and out of the ladder boxes in different directions, either sideways, forward, or backward depending upon their training. These are also known as speed ladders. 

These play a vital role in enhancing the working of the nervous system too. The ladders also act as a warm-up exercise before the start of play or training.

These ladders provide convenience and portability by being lightweight and easy to carry. These are required for the training of numerous sporting activities from cricket to boxing.

Agility ladders can form many types of exercises, such as running backward, sideways, jumping in the ladder boxes forward or sideways, etc. While training with the agility ladder, one should be well warmed up so that it avoids cramps, also the head should be steady and upright. Hands and shoulders should be in a relaxed position.