Furniture Movers – Work They Do In Brisbane

Moving and storage companies employ most furniture movers. This means that they deal with the home’s furniture, boxes, and appliances.

Some furniture movers may be self-employed and hire out to come to a home to transfer individual things like moving a large piece of furniture from one floor to another floor.

When furniture movers’ work for a company, the biggest percentage of their job revolves around the inventory, packing, loading, moving everything to the new residence, and then unloading the items there. You need to hire the best furniture movers in Brisbane for the best work.

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It is not a simple easy job. In fact, it is a hard job. There is a lot of heavy lifting, being on your feet most of the time, stress that you will make the appointed time to move the household items and to be on time at the new address, stretching and reaching.

You should be physically fit and have the stamina to handle this job.

If the homeowner has packed the boxes the furniture movers will go through your house and put numbered stickers on every box that is packed, pieces of furniture, and appliances. Next, they will write these numbers on an inventory sheet along with the corresponding item associated with that number.

The customer gets a copy and the furniture movers will keep the other. It is the job of the customer to look over the list to make sure that everything is correct and then signs the inventory list. If the homeowner wants to pay extra for the service, the furniture movers can also pack the boxes.