Everything About RAVE Sports O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer

It's the Rave Sports O-Zone Plus isn't a trampoline. It's a water-bouncing device because it doesn't depend on a set of springs to generate bounce for jumpers. In all, it has plenty of airtime, especially for youngsters. It's actually regarded as the most effective water trampoline especially for those who are first-timer.

The water bouncer comes in two sizes. The model we're reviewing here is the 5-foot model that is suitable for children who are less than 10 years old. If you have children who are older than this limit, it may be beneficial to look at the 7-foot model, which is able to support 600 pounds or more. You can now easily shop at watertrampoline.com to get the best water trampoline online. 

RAVE Sports O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer

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The most sought-after feature that is O-Zone Plus O-Zone Plus is its ease to set up. Since the jump pad is already connected to the tube setting it up is essentially inflation of the bouncer, which is about 30 minutes. The bouncer also comes with an enclosed slide. 

As opposed to a step ladder this O-Zone Plus employs an EZ border as well as a pair of soft handles that make the use of this bouncer more enjoyable. There are also many grab lines to aid the jumping players when they go across the slide and onto the platform to board.

As this model is intended to be used by children only Parents can buy Rave Sports' Oasis Lounger. The attachment is able to support weights of 400 pounds and gives adults a space to relax while keeping watch on the tiny jumpers.