Classification of Hotels by Their Different Type

Hotels are classified based on hotel size, location, target market, service level, facilities offered, number of rooms, ownership, affiliation, etc.

Target Market

The hotel caters to many markets and can be classified according to the market that tries to attract its guests. Typical market types include business, airports, apartments, residential, resorts, timeshares, casinos, convention, and conference hotels. You can book Santa Monica hotel via

Business Hotels: Representing the largest group of hotel types, these hotels primarily cater to business travelers and are typically located in the city center or business district.

Although Business hotels primarily cater to business travelers, many tour groups, individual travelers, and small conference groups find these hotels attractive. Business amenities include free newspapers, morning coffee, free local calls, breakfast, and more.

Airport hotel: This type of hotel is usually intended for business customers, passengers staying on or canceling flights, and airline crew or employees. Some hotels offer a free shuttle service between the hotel and the airport. Some airport hotels also charge guests an hourly rate instead of the normal daily rate.

Apartments: This type of hotel is the latest trend and fastest-growing segment of the hospitality industry. Such hotels have separate living rooms and bedrooms. Professionals such as accountants, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and executives find hotel apartments particularly attractive because they can work and play in the area next to the bedroom.

Casino Hotels: Hotels with bet facilities are called casino hotels. Although the casino’s food and beverage service is a luxury, its function is secondary to supporting casino operations.