Choosing Sun Protective Clothing For A Baby

We've all heard of the importance of protecting yourself from skin cancer. Babies are particularly vulnerable to the sun's harmful rays because their skin is very thin compared to adults and fewer than 10 sunburns in childhood correspond to a significantly increased risk of cancer in adulthood.

Sun protection starts with the clothes you wear your baby on. Baby swimwear starts with a hat or cap to protect the head and face. You can also buy children uv protection swimwear online.

The neck is particularly susceptible to UV rays because it is one of the first surfaces of the skin to be exposed to sunlight. A wide-brimmed hat or legionnaire hat ensures that the neck remains protected. Sunglasses with EPF 10 complete the look and protect the baby's eyes from the sun.

Also, keep in mind that while these skimpy little swimsuits can be adorable, especially when shopping for women's swimwear, they offer almost no protection against UV radiation.

The best option is to find a swimsuit or other summer outfit that will cover as much skin as possible. However, not all types of summer clothing offer adequate protection.

The average t-shirt has a UPF or UV protection factor of 5. To truly protect against the sun, baby swimwear and summer wear should be UPF 50+, which is the highest rating available.

Baby swimwear has come a long way in recent years. Our growing knowledge of skin cancer and how to prevent it enables parents to provide their children with a better future simply by protecting them from the sun's harmful rays. Knowledge is definitely the power when it comes to sun protection and preventing skin cancer.