Chanting Kundalini Yoga Exercises For Meditation

Kundalini Yoga is believed to be only suitable for people who have mastered 21 types of yoga. In short, it's probably not for beginners. This exercise is one of the most advanced that can help you increase your awareness and vibration every day. 

There are many benefits of this type of yoga for one's health. Now there are even medical institutions that practice some meditations and Kundalini Yoga exercises for the benefit of their patients. You can make your body flexible with the practice of best kundalini yoga poses via

According to the wisdom of Kundalini Yoga, chanting sacred mantras internally or externally changes the energy in and around you. The more often you chant the holy mantra, the stronger the vibrations and the more vibrations that can activate your chakras and clear your mind of all negativity. 

When we start chanting the mantra regularly, the mantra starts to vibrate at a deep energy level. These sacred vibrations not only activate our chakras, they also help clear stagnant energy and pave the way for awakened kundalini energy to rise to our crown chakra. Mantras also help remove negativity from our minds.

It is said that each chakra is correlated with the seed or bija of the mantra. According to this tantric wisdom tradition, the following bija mantras activate certain chakras. The first chakra is associated with Lam, the second with You, the third with Ram, the fourth with Yam, the fifth with Ham, the sixth with Om and the seventh with the serenity of silence. 

You may want to choose a Bija spell to repeat over a certain period of time to activate, balance, or clear certain chakras. You may also want to coordinate the repetition of certain seed mantras with certain yoga asanas to get the most out of your practice.