Why Unconscious Bias Training For Employees Is Essential In Atlanta

In today's diverse workplace, it is vital to support diversity and inclusion efforts. Employees should be provided with anti-discrimination and anti-harassment training by their employers. Employers must also offer unconscious bias training to employees.

Unconscious bias is when people make implicit decisions based on the characteristics of another person without realizing it or intending it. You can opt for the diversity & inclusion training by Simply HR. Inc to make your workplace unbiased, and productive.

Employers who are subject to unconscious bias in the workplace can be at risk both from a legal standpoint and from a human resources perspective.

Employees can be trained to recognize unconscious biases and take steps to minimize their impact on decisions and interactions in the workplace.

What are Unconscious Biases?

Unconscious biases refer to stereotypes and assumptions that people make about certain groups of people without their conscious awareness. Implicit biases are caused by the fact that a person's "conscious" brain can only process 40 bits of information per second and leaves the "unconscious" brain to process the rest. 

The "unconscious" brain constantly runs in the background, filtering, prioritizing, and categorizing information to allow the "conscious" brain to focus on what it considers the most important. 

The brain creates stereotypes when it applies this process to group characteristics. Discrimination can occur when people use these stereotypes in their interactions with others and in their decisions. 

Employers must invest in preventing implicit biases in the workplace. They can have a negative impact on employee morale.