Vinyl Flooring In Singapore

Vinyl flooring is the right choice for a flat that is resold in Singapore if you don’t like old floors. This is a good alternative for more expensive floors such as traditional marble or tiles. The SG contractor offers a sheet of vinyl, tiles, and boards to let you choose the best from your comfort and budget. Believe in our vinyl flooring service for the best from vinyl and reliable installations with at least inconvenience for you.

The vinyl floor in Singapore gained popularity for more than one reason. Endurance, ease of installation, low maintenance, and extraordinary affordability are some of the reasons why vinyl floors are preferred by so many homeowners. But above all that is a great aesthetic attraction offered by various types of vinyl.

Vinyl Flooring Sheet, Thickness: 1.5mm,2mm, Rs 58/square feet Bose  Industries | ID: 20912143233

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There are also environmentally friendly variants available at request. The vinyl floor gives 100% resistance to termite, temperature variations, and water and stains, helping you make the least efforts to maintain the floor. With a variety of colors, designs, and textures, SG contractors give you as many choices as you can imagine.