Using Storage Baskets and Pillowcases to Spice Up Boys’ Bedroom Accessories

Decorating a boy's room does not have to be expensive – here are some tips to get started. You can choose from storage baskets, Pillowcases, and bed sets. You can also use wall decals. To make your storage furniture stand out from the rest, style it yourself. In addition to storage baskets, there are also wall art pieces to consider. Listed below are a few of the best options.

Storage baskets

Besides using storage baskets for boys’ bedroom accessories, you should also consider getting a bookcase with a storage solution. You can also place a bookcase beside a dresser or bed to accommodate several different storage options. You can get matching storage baskets for boys' bedroom accessories to match other items in the room. If you have more than one child, you can also get a bookcase with a personalized first name, or monogrammed storage baskets for the room.

Alternatively, you can get storage bins in the shape of animals. Some companies have animal-shaped storage containers that will serve double-duty as decoration and storage. Other brands sell animal-shaped storage bins that double as toys. For extra storage, you can purchase Scandi's Starburst Canvas Storage bins, which feature a rainbow of stars. Whatever shape and color you choose, you're sure to find a storage container to suit your boy's room.

Wall decals

Whether your son dreams of flying or chasing dinosaurs, he can turn his bedroom into a fantasy land with the help of wall decals. With stickers on the wall, you can create a whimsical scene by adding a magic wand, sparkly stars, or a safari theme. For more fun, you can buy animals that he'll love, like a safari truck, African elephant, or a leopard.

A great way to make any room look amazing is to use removable wall decals. These easy-to-apply wall stickers are available in endless designs, themes, colors, and sizes. You can use wall stickers to create a unique design for your son's room and give him his very own personal space. There are plenty of great designs for boys bedroom decals, including sports characters, dinosaurs, and superheroes.


A boy's room doesn't have to be drab and boring. You can spice things up with fun pillowcases, just like girls. One fun way to dress up a boys room is by making them yourself. With a few basic materials and some sewing skills, you can whip up a few pretty pillows in a few hours. You don't have to worry about the pillowcase being stained, because it can be hand-washed and dried for a few days.

You can even make pillowcases that look like cute napkins, which adds a sweet touch. If you don't feel comfortable using a sewing machine or using a needle, you can try making your own pillowcase sham instead. The process is easy and adds an extra touch to your room. You can find a tutorial online for these pillowcases, which will show you how to make one in a few hours.

Bed sets

There are many choices when it comes to bed sets for boys. Whether your child prefers a woody theme, or one with more funky prints, you can find a bedding set that fits his style. Choose a set that includes gray or white checks, or choose something with a pattern like a bear, tent, or cloud. These bedding sets are typically made of cotton and polyester. This means they can be machine-washed and dried with little hassle.

If you're shopping for a boy, you'll likely want to purchase a bed set that is made of sturdy and durable materials. Choose a duvet cover that won't wear out quickly. You can also find a quilted duvet, which adds an extra layer of warmth to a bed. Depending on your child's preference, you may also want to consider adding a decorative rug or hooded towel.

Bed tent

A bed tent provides an enclosed space for your child to sleep. These tents are not suspended from the ceiling but are hooked to the corners of the bed with loop bands. Whether you want to sleep in it or just watch TV, your child will have a place to hide. A bed tent for boys will also provide your child with plenty of privacy. You can also make use of the bed tent as a playhouse. It is a wonderful way to encourage imagination and creativity in your child.

Another great accessory for a boy's bedroom is a bed tent. It can serve as a place to rest or play, and it will keep your child comfortable for naps. Boys will love to snuggle in a bed tent. Besides being safe, it will also give your child a sense of security. This accessory will also help your child develop social skills. Many children prefer to sleep in small places, so this is the perfect place for a bed tent.