Use Crystal Awards To Motivate Your Company Employees

Surprisingly, for most people, many managers and employees are not motivated to work by simply being given replacement money for their time. More managers and employees are expressing their preference for other rewards that are more important to their hard work than monetary rewards.

While it may not come as a surprise to some to hear that subordinates in a company prefer to receive crystal awards and trophies from their employer through some kind of tangible reward, it may surprise many to find that executives view the company at a higher level.

Use Crystal Awards To Motivate Your Company Employees

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Employees at more than a few successful companies prefer recognition bonuses they can deposit and evaluate in addition to cash recognition bonuses which simply place them in the higher tax category and will not be around for years to come.  

Of course, it can be argued that not all managers and employees think that way, but a surprising number of employees at the company have expressed this opinion, and it seems that more employees feel the same way.

Executives and employees who have worked long hours to help their companies survive this turbulent economic time are unlikely to expect a wage increase, as wage increases over long hours and overtime are easy to allow these people to make less money than before.

Rise because they fall into the new tax category. With so many workers expressing their preference for recognition in the form of commemorative awards, employers across the country may want to hear this important piece of advice.