Traditional English Tea Party

Usually reserved for the "top crust" of society, formal afternoon tea has been a great pastime for kings and queens for nearly two centuries. Starting with the right environment, many people love the art of afternoon tea in the tearoom, the formal lobby of an elegant old hotel, or the formal garden at home.

Some teahouses pride themselves on special dishes on their menus that are appropriate to their region. You can also look at the best tea house in West Palm Beach Florida online.

Take a Tour

In the state's teahouses, Michigan cherry pie is a must-try! You can get a variety of fantastic tea-related souvenirs in many of these modest but historic establishments. Find a tea shop that sells the same bread mix that they use in their favorite menu item.

Most teas start with a sorbet punch served in a tall champagne flute. This color and presence set the party mood apart from the rest.

It also allows guests to mix and match before sitting down for tea. If you're having a tea party in a formal garden, be sure to use garden colors for tablecloths and napkins.

Music in the background or a harpist at the entrance to your tea room set the stage for guests to come and look forward to an unforgettable afternoon.