Tools that are Mainly Used for Demolishing a Structure

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Whenever the time comes to demolish a structure, it is a complicated procedure since it can become dangerous. At the time of demolition, a lot of debris and dust particles get collected. For demolition of a structure, there are tools involved which allows the professional demolition contractor to do the job with ease. If you are wondering what those tools are, here are a few.

  1. Pry Bars – There are 2 types of pry bars that comprises of S-shaped bar and flat pry bar. For pulling the framing wood, the S-shaped bar is the one used that does the job with ease. The size of the S-shaped pry bar is medium comprising of 18inches. On the other hand, the flat pry bar is used to do the work that requires getting into tighter spots.
  2. San Angelo Bar – The San Angelo bar has a spear-like appearance which is also heavy and different compared to the pry bars. Stiff floor tiles are removed with the help of this bar. This bar is also heavy weighing-in at 8kgs with a height of 185cms.
  3. Screwdrivers – Structure demolition isn’t just about demolition a structure by using heavy tools. In fact, there are delicate things like cables, gas lines, water lines that need to be removed carefully without causing any damage. Although, sledge hammers are mainly used to get the work done, screwdrivers also play a huge role since hammers can also cause some form of damage if not used carefully.

In the region of Newcastle, demolition of a structure is done by the use of these tools.