The Frozen Custard Bun Guide

Frozen Chinese Custard Buns are a relatively new thing, so this guide is designed to help you find the best possible buns for your taste. Here, we'll learn about the different styles of frozen custard buns and what makes them good.  

If we buy frozen buns and pancakes from Formosa Asian Market it is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors. The most common type is the frozen custard bun with sweet red bean paste filling that is usually found at Asian bakeries. 

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A slightly less common type is the cold and crisp half-moon-shaped buns that are served with a sweet cream sauce. Other types include savory buns and even pineapple buns! 

A frozen Chinese sweet is like a beautiful, fluffy snowflake; delicate, white, and cold. So why does it sometimes turn into a sticky, gooey mess? The answer is simple: the custard mixture needs to be stirred many times during the freezing process.  

If you don't make sure that your cake batter or custard is mixed enough and properly chilled, then it will become runny and then stick to the bowl when you try to move it or scoop it out of the bowl.  

There are many things to consider when choosing a frozen custard bun. The first is what flavor you want. Some people might go for the traditional chocolate, but others might be more daring and try a new flavor like Reese's or mint chocolate chip.  

The second thing to consider is where you're going to eat your frozen custard bun. You can go for a place that makes their own frozen doughnuts, or one that specializes in doughnuts made on location.