The Benefits Of Taking Curcumin Daily

The benefits of daily intake of curcumin, the active ingredient in the spice turmeric, may or may not be substantial, but it all depending on the dietary supplement. Many of the benefits of curcumin are related to the prevention of chronic and life-threatening diseases often associated with aging.

However, to achieve these preventive benefits, it must be able to reach your bloodstream. The researchers found that taking turmeric or taking supplements did not significantly increase blood levels of curcumin. Digestive acids have a deleterious effect, rendering them practically useless for anything other than stomach ailments. If you are also looking to buy curcumin supplements for you then have a peek here and you will find an abundance of supplements.

Curcumin supplement

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To obtain long-term health benefits from daily intake of curcumin, supplements must contain an enteric coating. The standard vegetable caps used by most supplement manufacturers will not work. 

After examining the benefits of curcumin as a cancer-fighting, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant agent, scientists looked at how well the compound was absorbed into the bloodstream. Values measured in blood serum after the volunteers had invested very large amounts, up to 10 grams, found the concentrations to be very low.

This is also seen in other nutrients. The enteric coating is necessary so that nutrients can pass through the stomach without being damaged. Once in the upper part of the intestine, nutrients can pass through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream.

The curcumin benefits you see listed in standard supplements are based on laboratory tests with cell cultures and animal models. To ensure benefits, nutrients must be able to interact directly with cells. It only occurs when it is absorbed into the blood. The same goes for resveratrol and other anti-cancer nutrients.