The Beginner’s Guide To Cardio Exercises

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Cardio Guidelines for Beginners

1. Walking briskly:

This is probably the most basic and widely available cardio exercise. Walking briskly at a moderate pace will help improve your heart health and burn calories. Start with short walks and gradually work your way up to longer walks as your body becomes more used to the activity.

2. Jogging:

If you’re looking for a more challenging cardio workout, jogging is a great option. Jogging at a moderate pace will help improve your stamina and cardiovascular fitness. Start with short distances and gradually increase your distance as you become more comfortable with the activity.

3. Cycling:

Cycling is another great choice if you’re new to cardiovascular exercise. Cycling at a moderate speed will help improve your endurance and calorie burn. You can cycle on an indoor bike or outdoors using pedals, if desired.