Teens and Anxiety – What You Need to Know

Many teenagers find their adolescence time very difficult. Teens may feel uncomfortable or unable to accept the changes in their bodies due to rapid physical growth. They may find it difficult to deal with social pressures and feel uncomfortable. At this stage of their lives, school becomes more important and they might feel pressured into making decisions about the future.

Some teens will be able to get by with minimal fuss and only a few embarrassing moments. Some teens find it too much and withdraw. Sometimes they are able to find their way but sometimes they have to. About 10% of teenagers and children suffer from anxiety disorders. Parents need to address any of the symptoms that may lead to severe mental health disorders and opt for a suitable teen anxiety treatment before it gets too late. 

Researchers have found that the timider a person is as a young child, the more difficult it will be for them to deal with the demands of adolescence. This timidity may be inborn or learned from a nervous or overly anxious parent. Teenagers who suffered from separation anxiety when younger are more prone to anxiety disorders.

Ask for help

Just as teenagers are often reluctant to ask for help, so too are parents. Sometimes, however, we just don't have the expertise or skills to give our children the help they need. Talk to your family doctor or to teachers and they may be able to recommend professionals who specialize in treating adolescents. Anxiety disorders respond well to treatment and the danger is that if the problems are not dealt with, they may become more serious and even life-threatening.