Steps For Achieving Gel Nails

Nail art designs have become a fashion trend for young women and girls. It's not unusual to see women sporting attractive designs on their nails. It is important that you have beautiful nails before you can decorate them with nail art. Advanced techniques are available that can help you achieve them. 

Visit your nearest professional salon to learn more about UV gel nails. They will also show you how to apply it. This will give you beautiful nails. A professional can create a flawless set of nails. The process of creating artificial nails using UV gels is three-step. It's also called Bonding, Building, and Finishing UV gels. If you want to buy nail gel online, then you can search the web.

nail gel

1. Apply bonding gel to the nail. You can taper the nail later by leaving a little margin. Then, it must be dried under UV light for approximately 2 minutes. It is important that you remove any excess blot with a dry nail wipe before it is dried. There are many types of primer/bonding glue on the market. The bonding gel comes in a concentrated form. 

2. Next, apply the builder gel. To match your skin tone and original nail color, the builder gel can be purchased in either a white or pink color. This gel is self-leveling and helps to create perfect artificial gel nails. This gel should be applied to the tips in a small amount. Then, it should be worked towards the smile line to shape the nails. 

3. Finishing is the final step to achieving those coveted nails. There are many colors available, including French beige and French natural as well as French pink, French white, and clear. The gel should be applied in the same manner as nail polish. Start by gently moving the brush towards the edge. Next, seal the gel by wiping the brush along the edge. 

The nail polish's finishing gel adds an extra touch and makes them look shiny and glossy.