Smart Window Replacements Control The Sun With A Switch

It seems that we are a culture that loves to transform the word "smart", into new technological advancements. There's plenty of techs that do just that. These tech advances sound like science fiction but they are becoming increasingly popular and there is no shortage of them for home use. 

Smart glass, which acts like a solar light switch for your home, is the most popular. In this reference, you can hire the Ahwatukee doorway renewal  that provides you advanced replacement window controls light levels in the home, instead of using window treatments to block the light.   


What does Smart Glass do?

Smart glass is also known as switchable glass. Smart glass window replacements have windowpanes that can dim or brighten depending on what type of smart glass is installed. You can adjust the tint level by flipping a switch.

Smart replacement windows that respond to light in the same way as sunglasses react to sunlight can also be operated without manual adjustment. This is photochromic tech. Photochromic technology is a great option for window replacements. It doesn't require any manual operation and it uses no electricity.

Window panes made from thermotropic panes, which are not responsive to light levels or manual operation, are another system. These replacement windows dim according to the heat levels read by the glass.