Questions Regarding Car Engine Block Heater

In recent weeks, customers and employees have been questioned about block engine heaters. If it is safe to use for a long time, start your car remotely while it is still running. What exactly are they doing? From where can I buy a car engine heater for my car? and many more questions.

Yes! Here you will find information to answer your question.

What is the function of an engine block heater?

– Engine block heater keeps your machine warm in cold weather like an electric sofa blanket. This allows plenty of fluids and oil to stay warm so that when the engine is started, all of the fluids can flow to the places needed for safe and normal operation of the engine in cold weather.

– Depending on the make, model and year of construction of the vehicle, the heating engine block can run for a certain period of time and then turn off and turn on again after a certain period of time.

Can I start my car remotely while it's still on?

– Yes! The block heating system is not connected to your vehicle's electrical system, so the remote starting system or vehicle computer starting system will not be damaged when starting up.

At what temperature should I start my car?

– Most block engine heating systems operate only in conditions below -18 ° C

– In fact, the device heater will ONLY turn on at this temperature. which means it is turned on but not turned on at -5 ° C