Protecting Your Smile With Proper Denture Care

Dentures are an investment in your health and appearance. Properly fitted dentures can give you a more balanced diet, more confidence, and a better quality of life.

They can be expensive for many people. For this reason, proper care and maintenance of dentures are very important. Careful care and assembly will help you avoid unnecessary costs for repairing and replacing dentures. You can also get the best dentures in Bend OR via

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Wear Your Dentures Your

High-quality dentures should also be comfortable without denture glue and fit snugly in the mouth. If they hurt or you have to use a lot of glue to hold them in place, you should ask your dentist to fix the problem.

Even the best denture adhesive cannot cover the mismatch of the denture. This does not mean that denture adhesive has no place. Denture adhesives can help make the wearer feel more secure and protected and can help prevent friction injuries, especially to the wearer.

Denture Cleaning

Keeping your dentures clean will give you fresh breath and a bright smile and, more importantly, keep your mouth healthy. Bacteria and food debris stuck to dirty utensils can damage your gums and other teeth.

When cleaning, be sure to avoid household cleaners or toothpaste. These materials are often too abrasive for household chores and can scratch your dentures.

Storage Of Your Dentures

If you remove your dentures at night or at any other time, you should keep them moist. When dentures dry out, they lose their shape. This leads to poor matches. To avoid this problem, soak your kit in water or denture cleaner when you're not wearing it.

Ask your dentist about an appropriate soaking solution if your dentures have metal parts, as these can darken when immersed in most solutions.