Online Food Ordering Statistics That Every Restaurant Owners Should Know

Online food ordering has increased to a great extent in recent years. It would expand further in the upcoming times. It is due to the approach of giants into the online platform.

When they entered into online trading, the customer’s habit of ordering online increased to a greater extent which leads to the concept of ordering food online. You can order food online through irashai sushi in Fairbanks whenever you feel hungry.

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Since it eases out their daily works the customers get used up to it.

Online food ordering statistics

For restaurants who need data to make major business decisions. we have given some statistics which would provide you some valuable insights.

60% of the people in the nation place their order online for delivery or takeout once a week.

31% gave a reply that they order food through third-party services at least twice a week.

34% of people spent a minimum of $50 on an order that they place.

20% of people that they spend more money on online orders than on having food in a restaurant

Online ordering and delivery have grown up to 300% normal dine-in traffic.

70% of the customer have given a reply that they would order directly from the restaurant if the money that they pay for their order directly goes to the restaurant and not to the third party.

57% of people say that they order from the restaurant online because they need not go to the restaurant and continue watching movies or tv shows at their home.

59% of the orders made by the millennial are takeout or delivery.

33% of the customers have given a reply that they are willing to pay a higher pay if the delivery is super fast.