Online Dashboard Marketing Metrics for Your Business

Sometimes, it is helpful to remember the old cliches. It is impossible to measure what cannot be tracked. Your bottom line will be impacted if your brand is digitally-savvy and connected with users. It is important to carefully plan and implement online marketing strategies. What about monitoring all these efforts?

It is crucial to measure performance and compare the results to an established line of performance in order to identify success areas and problems with your online marketing programs. There are many marketing agency metrics that need to be measured. Here are some that you can't afford to overlook! They are broken down into three categories: conversion, traffic generation, and revenue metrics.

Traffic Metrics – Google analytics dashboard: A treasure trove of metrics, the overall site traffic dashboard from Google Analytics! It can be used to determine your overall site traffic. This includes page views and website hits as well as the number of unique visitors per week.

Image source: Google

Traffic sources: This is an excellent metric to determine if certain keywords or channels work for you and if your traffic distribution has been healthy. Relying on one source for all of your traffic could cause problems if it changes or ceases. 

To view detailed traffic information, such as referral traffic, traffic from promotions, and traffic source, you can access the channel and source/medium reports in Google Analytics. You can also include metrics to help you understand your mobile audience.