Lawsuits Alleging Infant Formula Caused NEC In Premature Babies

Enfamil Similac is a formula specifically designed for infants. It is created from cow's milk and is available to infants instead of breast milk of human mothers.

An abundance of scientific and clinical research has proven that cow-milk kind formulas such as Similac or Enfamil premature babies can increase the danger of developing NEC. To take legal action against the responsible firms you can click to consult nec formula lawyers for legal matters.

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NEC is a bacterial-related infection that may develop within the intestinal organs of infants. NEC can cause the tissues that make up the intestinal tract of an infant to shrink and eventually cease to function.

The intestinal holes develop, which allows bacteria to penetrate the stomach and intestines of infants. This may eventually lead to an inflammation of bloodstream systems, also known as sepsis.

Sepsis can be fatal. The estimates suggest that between 10 and 28 percent of premature infants with NEC are affected by Sepsis, along with other complications associated with it.

The formula makers knew about this but did not provide any instructions or warnings about possible NEC which is linked with their formulas. Similac is manufactured by Abbott Laboratories Inc. ("Abbott") while Enfamil manufactures by Mead Johnson Nutrition ("Mead").

Similac and Enfamil and later suffered the NEC infection that led to severe harm and even the death of a child. The allegations in the lawsuit are strong and clear.

The plaintiffs argue that the circumstances might have turned out differently if Mead or Abbott had put an informational message regarding NEC and preemies on their products. They could have employed the correct formula and their kids were less at risk of developing NEC.