Know About Medical Centre In Cyprus

Medical center’s therapeutic services are introduced to support the healing process, e.g. Aquamassage, laser therapy, kinesiology, physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage and chiropractic.

Each patient has his own situation. That’s why these centers offer additional support such as transportation to and from medical centers in Cyprus with our own shuttle service, check-in appointments, home check-ups, and even arrange free consultations with our experienced attorneys for road accident victims.

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It is important that we know and understand all of your rights and the options available, from a medical or legal point of view.

Pain management and restoration of some or all of your freedom will be discussed with you honestly and professionally.

They evaluate and treat symptoms and conditions such as back and neck pain, weakness and numbness, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and whiplash with soft tissue treatments, joint mobilization if necessary and electrotherapy.

Also, medical staff consists of chiropractors, masseuses, acupuncturists, occupational therapists, kinesiologists and psychologists.

Your journey back in time is not a journey alone. After your visit, you will see how committed they are to ensuring that you return to your previous level of mobility with minimal pain and discomfort.

Symptoms such as depression, anxiety, mood or personality changes occur in both children and adults.

However, by visiting Cyprus medical clinic for your rehabilitation needs, you will regain independence in your personal or professional life.