How To Use The Hair Styling Clay

What is HAIR CLAY? Hair products made of clay generally come with a medium hold and an edgy finish. They're perfect for haircuts for everyday wear which are relaxed, loose, and easily re-doable.

The most frequent utilized styling clay is bentonite; it is a totally natural substance that typically forms by the weathering of volcanic Ash.

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Bentonite can make hair follicles appear and feel denser, as well as give volume to any type of hair. If you are using hair dryers to increase the volume further in hair.

What is the most effective hair CLAY?

When you're looking for hair clay, choose one that is solid and has a matte surface.

What hairstyles can CLAY be employed for?

  • Hair clay is best to create relaxed, casual hairstyles with a slick-back.

  • It's not hard to dry, so it can be worked on all day long throughout your hair.

Use these few easy steps to make use of hair clay…

STEP 1: PREPARE the hair

Hair should be clear as well as free from any residues from products.

STEP 2 – ARM The clay

  • Place the clay in your palms.

  • Massage your hands together to heat the product.

STEP 3: STYLE your hair

Apply your hands to your hair from the root to the tip – applying a coating of hair throughout.

You can even search online for more information about hairstyling clay.