How To Get Your Perfect Brass 3D Print

Are you thinking about 3D printing in brass? Would you like to know more about the material and all the available finishes? Are you interested in finding out how your 3D design is turned into a perfect brass 3D print? 

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The Material: 3D-Printed Brass 

3D prints made in brass consist of an alloy of copper and zinc. Brass can be used in a wide range of applications. It is a fantastic material for detailed miniatures, sculptures, and jewelry and it is especially interesting if you are looking for a more economical alternative to precious metals. 

While brass has exactly the same level of detail as our silver and gold items, it comes at a cheaper price. And thanks to all of our finishing options, you can give it an incredibly stunning look. 

The 3 Finishes of 3D-Printed Brass

Brass has by nature a yellow/reddish color, but you have the option to make your 3D print look even more stunning by choosing between five finishes, listed below.

Natural PU-Coated

The first option you can choose is just to have your 3D print coated with clear PU to protect it against scratches and oxidation.

Yellow Gold-Plated Polished and Red Gold-Plated Polished

Furthermore, we offer a Yellow Gold-Plated or a Red Gold-Plated Polished finish. Both are achieved through an electroplating process. Depending on which finish you choose, your model will be finished with an 18kt gold layer in yellow or in red. The PU coating provides extra protection.