How To Buy Seafood In Brisbane?

There are many ways available by which you can buy seafood. Nowadays, you can also contact directly to the suppliers. Whether you're shopping at the fish market or supermarket, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying fresh fish and shellfish:


Good fresh seafood should smell a little of the sea – similar to the smell of fresh seaweed. If it somehow smells too fishy or unpleasant, maybe for the best it's over. To get the fresh seafood, you can also browse to contact seafood suppliers.

Appearance and texture

Fish flesh should be firm and firm to the touch and have a shiny appearance. You can test this by gently squeezing the meat. If the return is easy, it's good to go. If not, it is best to choose something else. For milkfish, the flesh should be clear and free of stains, including bruising, blood clots, or parasites.

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Whole fish

When buying whole fish, make sure the skin is bright and shiny. Fresh eyelets should be clear and bright. If it isn't and is cloudy, pink, and slightly sunken, the fish may be losing its freshness. If the gills are intact, they should be bright red. The intestinal cavity must be clean and the fish should not be standing in the water.

Smoked fish

Smoked fish should look shiny and have a fresh smoked aroma. It should be stored separately from other fresh fish.

Freeze fresh seafood

If you want to freeze fresh seafood, your best bet is to do it ASAP. You can put it in the freezer straight from the supermarket. If it's in the fridge and you don't want to use it before the expiration date, put it in the freezer for later. If the fish has not been sealed, wrap it well and lock it in the air as much as possible, freezer bags are best for this and are reusable.