Great Facts About Craft Beer History You Probably Didn’t Know

Craft beer. These two words are one of the deepest words in our world today as more and more people choose to pay more attention to what they eat and drink. 

Craft beer is a smart approach to brewing beer, and while it is shrouded in the imagery of horn-rimmed glasses, hairy beards, and tattoos, Craft beer as a movement is more of a response to the idea that consumers want more than ready-made stock. If you want the best craft beer in Australia, you can get it through

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With the desire for more, here are pretty awesome facts about Craft beer that will not only give you more knowledge than ever but may help explain craft moves you might have missed:

1. Hops are toxic to pets – this is important if you are a regular home brewer. Aside from just keeping the cooking area clean, you don't want anything to happen to your furry friend.

2. Dependent on beer for health – whether foam lovers realized it or not, beer ultimately proved to be a safe alternative to plain water as it had been fermented and in this way helped to destroy the potentially harmful substances in the water.

3. “Rule of Thumb” – This particular phrase seems to come from brewers who use their thumbs to test the temperature of their drinks to find the right time to add yeast.