Fun Theme Ideas For Kid’s Birthday Parties

Have trouble deciding on what theme to use for your child’s birthday celebration? Don’t worry, here are some ideas to help get you going:


There are a variety of traditional options for birthday places for girls and birthday celebrations for girls. Consider themes like princess or cowgirl theme and fashion, ladybug beading, or butterfly party.

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The themes for boys are revolved around cars, trucks and cowboys, firetrucks construction, kung-fu, and many more themes.


The popularity of music-themed parties has exploded in popularity due to Disney channel shows such as High School Musical and Camp Rock. Other themes for music are Hannah Montana well as Elvis and various other groups of musicians.


Themes for movies have been popular for a long time. Some of the most popular movie themes are Iron Man, Spiderman, Batman, Wall-E, Madagascar, Star Wars, Pirate of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, Kung Fu Panda, and many more.


The theme of sports is very popular since a lot of children love activities. Any sport the child is interested in can be made into a theme such as basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, football, even car racing bowling, and more. 

Slumber Party

A great idea for girls aged between a certain age is to throw a sleepover party. Girls can enjoy looking up at stars, sharing stories, watching films, making popcorn, snacks, and other food, and generally having a great time.