Firecracker Bush Plant Care

The firecracker is a full sun perennial that needs plenty of light to make the red-colored flowers that cascade down its stems. Plant it outside in the summer and let it soak up the sun's rays, but then move it inside for winter, as it's frost-resistant. It requires moderate watering and is one of the drought-tolerant plants.

Cleaning the firecracker plant isn't difficult or complicated. Yes! All you need is to learn all the essentials right then your plant should soon be on its way to a life of evergreen. You can find firecracker bush at affordable prices on various online sites.

firecracker bush

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Here are the ways to care for your firecracker plant 

1. Lights & Placement

This Mexican firecracker perennial is sun loving which is a great choice for beautiful orange-red flowers in full to partial sun. place the coral plant inside the home that receives the most sunlight. A south-east-facing window could be the best option since it is more light-filled than the windows facing north.

2. Soil

Firecracker bush is as a plant that is tolerant in terms of soil requirements. It requires a well-drained soil. It is able to thrive in almost any type of soil such as loamy, clay, chalk, sandy. 

If you plan to grow it inside pots pick the standard potting mix that includes sand to ensure proper drainage. Pour water over the soil mix that will be used to grow the plants that produce firecrackers.