Fall Lawn Maintenance Provides A Beautiful Lawn in Spring

Fall is a great time to care for your lawn. Your lawn will grow faster and more fully in spring if you prepare for the cold months with the right overseeding. The quick green will prepare your lawn for summer. It will also help you outcompete the weeds, so less of them reach maturity and can seed more. 

The cooler temperatures and fewer weeds make this a better time to seed your grass. It is essential to have the right tools for the job. Safety equipment can be essential in certain cases. A good rake and spreader are essential. You can know more about fall lawn maintenance via https://westcoastlawns.ca/lawn-care-service/.

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You'll also need fertilizer and grass seed, herbicide, gloves for the garden, and sometimes protective eyewear. Fall lawn maintenance begins with removing leaves that have fallen on the grass. The leaves can block sunlight from reaching your lawn and reduce its ability to retain water. This will also affect the grass' strength and health. 

Your soil will become acidic from the decayed leaf matter. You should add lime to your spring water supply to fix any pH issues. Your lawn should be kept cut to the point that it is completely dormant for winter. It is important not to cut your grass more than one third of its length at a time. You will then need to fix any patches of grass that are damaged or diseased.