Facts About Covid-19 Testing

Since the coronavirus pandemic made headlines around the world, there have been confusing and sometimes conflicting theories about various aspects of COVID-19. Is the antigen test accurate? Is a negative test with a quick test enough? Is there still a need for testing if one is not seriously ill? The list of doubts is endless.

As the country is opening gradually from the lockdown and is facing a spike in positive cases due to the increased movement of the people it is important to know all about the Covid-19 Test.

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Myth: Rapid antibody tests on blood are a good alternative to diagnose COVID-19.

Fact: A widely used and often misused rapid blood test is the antibody test. They cannot be used to diagnose active COVID-19 infection. This rapid blood test looks for antibodies that the body may have developed against COVID-19.

A positive test most likely means that the person has a history of infection and has recovered from the virus. The test remains positive for a very long time even after full recovery. Likewise, antibody tests can still be negative if there is disease and suspicion of COVID-19.

A test that can more accurately diagnose infection is a test performed with a throat swab.