Effective Termite Control: Identifying Solutions

Termite control is an important aspect of pest control at home. Perhaps nothing is more damaging to a wooden structure than a termite colony. The problem is quite common. 

Due to the devastating impact of termite infestation on a property, one of the main services provided by a professional pest control contractor is termite control. You can also look for termite control at https://www.ecoadvantagenc.com/.

Initial inspection by trained staff

Termite infestations are usually underground, so the first signs are not visible to property owners. Most often, by the time the signs are visible, the infection has engulfed most of the home, but without knowing the owner.

Pest control professionals usually carry out inspections to find particularly active areas. The first step, which is the most important step, is to determine where the termites are. Termite tunnels are detected while on the surface. 

Another way to detect termites is to look for holes in exposed wood. Be careful not to confuse a swarm of ants with a swarm of termites. Both termites and ants survive as insect colonies, but insects look very different. For example, individual ants are red or black, while termites are creamy white.

In theory, the presence of a biological control agent such as a fungus would help deter termites, but this has only been proven in the laboratory. These non-chemical interventions are not common among pest control professionals.