Drug and Alcohol Abuse among Young People

Many people choose to swallow certain substances to achieve “high” mental or physical, but the use of drugs can quickly turn into destructive drug abuse. Smoking marijuana and snorting cocaine are the two forms of abuse of the most common substances, and this addiction befalls children, teenagers, and adults. Other prohibited substances that are usually used as vehicles for abuse include ecstasy and heroin. Each of these drugs poses a significant health risk and certainly causes harmful side defects such as respiratory problems, extreme weight loss, rotting teeth, and heart failure. Even the drugs obtained legally, such as prescription painkillers or drugs that change the mood for anxiety, can cause chemical abuse if taken irresponsibly.

Drug abuse and addiction are a blight on responsible communities, directly and indirectly, for hundreds of millions of dollars in costs for the community, schools, hospitals, and families. Repeated criminal accusations originating from substance abuse can cause extended detention. The education system loses some of the best and most intelligent students because of drug abuse every year, and addiction has been confirmed to increase the level of high school dropouts. Drug abuse in adults leads to higher unemployment, dependence on government welfare, more on work accidents, and increasing small crimes such as theft or theft.

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 National organizations such as Narcotics Anonymous are very important in providing supporting systems for those who struggle to overcome drug abuse. . At present there are more resources available to help curb drug abuse than before, and social views on the problem of drug addiction have softened significantly. Do not wait for abuse to become addicted and help on the signs of the first dependence.