Donate Items To Charities

You don't have to drop your change in a donation box or write a check. There are many other ways you can donate to your favourite charity. While charities are not likely to accept donations of money, they do need other items. 

These items may be in your home, but you might not have the funds to donate them. If you want to donate to local animal charities then you can look for FACE Foundation online.

FACE Helps Buddies Jax & Luis - FACE Foundation

Many charities, such as animal shelters, homeless shelters, and the Salvation Army, need baby formula that is not expired. These items can be given to homeless pets or used to make a shelter cage more welcoming for pets. Baby formula can not only be used to help homeless babies but it can also be modified for abandoned pets.

Some charities require fax machines, mobile phones and computers. They will need to communicate with volunteers and members as fast as possible and may not be able to afford the latest technology.

These items don't have to be found in your closet. A collection drive could be started for old blankets and mobile phones that are no longer in use at your house, office, or neighbourhood. 

Many people want to give back to charities, but don't have the financial resources to do so. You can help your community see the generosity that is inherent in it by starting a non-monetary charity drive.