DIY Tiling VS Professional Tile Installation In Perth

Are you unsure whether to hire a professional or try to fit tiles on your own? This guide will explain the pros and cons of DIY tile installation vs. professional tile installation. Although you could save money by tiling a space yourself, it will require a lot more skill and preparation.

DIY Tile installation considerations

You could save money by installing your tiles yourself. However, if you don't have the patience or skills to do the job correctly, it may end up costing more time and money. Tiling can be a difficult job and can take longer than expected. You might even break a few tiles while you are getting to grips with the task. While most people can do tiling in Perth, very few have the knowledge to make them look good.

What to Consider Before You Do a DIY Tile Installation:


If your job is full-time or you have a lot of time-consuming obligations such as children, you need to consider whether this job will be possible. Although you may be able to achieve the results in a few hours, be ready to give up on some things.


If you are tiling small spaces, it won't take much time. Do you like the idea of tools and other tiling paraphernalia being in your way? Are you and your family comfortable walking around a DIY tile installation in progress while you tile a bathroom? Is it possible to complete the task in one weekend?


If you are able to complete the task on the first try, you will probably save money in terms of labor costs. However, you will need to buy all the necessary tools. This can reduce any cost savings.


Although you might be able to complete the DIY installation without any problems, it is not always possible. If things go wrong, it's important that you assess the safety and risk to your family, home, and your mental health.


When hiring a professional tiler you are not only paying for their time but also for their expertise. A qualified tradesperson will have a lot of experience and knowledge from years of training and working on the job. Professional tilers will be able to resolve any issues that may arise during the job and prevent anything from becoming catastrophic.