Choose The Correct Decking For Your Home in York

Originally, every deck was made with wood. Wood offers strength, easy installation and a great feel to bare feet. Unfortunately, it has to be cleaned every year and can rot, warp or splinter. 

While tropical hardwoods make a very nice looking deck they are extremely difficult to work with. The woods are both beautiful and expensive. The darker woods also get very hot when exposed to direct sunlight.Click here for more information  to choose the correct decking for your home in York.

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Cedar and redwood naturally resist insects and rot. They make a deck with a twenty year lifespan, but are soft and easily damaged. They do not stand up well under constant snow packs with thawing and refreezing.

Wood fibers and plastic are combined to make composite decking. This material will not splinter and never has to be stained or painted. It must; however, be scrubbed on a regular basis to prevent mildew.

Plastic decking requires very little maintenance and is splinter free. This decking is made of PVC with hollow channels that cause it to be very stiff but light in weight. 

Polystyrene decking is both light and strong. It has a non-slip surface that becomes less slippery when wet. There are several color choices and the material looks like real wood.

No matter which material you choose. A deck will greatly expand the living space of your home. After you complete installation take time to enjoy spending time on the new deck.