Capabilities of a Modern-Day Public Relations Agency

The world of public relations has changed over the last 15 years, and these giant public relations firms have completely changed themselves. The old struggling PR company that can’t keep up with or adapts to the new internet era is no longer with us. 

Everyone knows that online marketing, public relations agencies, and advertising give you more advantages. Today’s world is all about social media to make your information go viral and get online users to accept your brand name as part of their identity. In many ways, this is the same basic strategy, but everything is much faster online. 

Image source: Google

That doesn’t mean old media is dead, after all, people still watch as much TV as they spend online. And baby boomers still read newspapers and will probably continue to read until the day they die. No, not all baby boomers, many use tablets, e-book readers and mostly get their information online, but still read newspapers.

Therefore, the skills of modern PR agents are very different from before, a lot to do with crisis management when things are moving virally and lightning fast on the internet. There are great ways to start a conversation and ways to get businesses or the public, politicians, or nonprofit groups involved in hot water.

Many PR agencies have employees who work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, surfing the web to name brands they are affiliated with or have contracts with. If someone talks negatively about a certain brand, go online and post something positive or work to neutralize the situation so it doesn’t spiral out of control and go viral in the morning. Immediate defense statements are also often required.