A waterproof basement is a valuable addition to home values

For some families, waterproofing allows them to sell their home for a higher price than they should. In today’s real estate market, any value that can be added to a home is a blessing. A waterproof basement is something homebuyers are looking for, and its drawbacks can ward off many who should love the home.

Even for families who are not prepared to sell their homes, cracked or leaky basement wall repairs for foundation fixing in Wisconsin offer tremendous added value to their lives. Game nights are more enjoyable and sleep is more successful when friends have access to a warm, cozy room on the ground floor. 

Everywhere, families have added entire rooms to their homes, forcing professionals to create watertight, leaky, and unattractive basements. No matter how cold or rainy it is outside, the waterproof basement offers comfortable, non-closing protection.

These rooms are warm and cozy and many are used as indoor entertainment spaces. Some families also use them as guest rooms. The spare bedroom is especially useful for resting during the hot summer months.

The waterproofing product will stick to the wall as it dries and become a part of it. This becomes a permanent barrier and protects your basement from water penetrating the walls. Remember, waterproof paint in the basement won’t solve all your water problems. An extreme case is when your pipe is damaged or bad weather causes a flood.

After applying waterproof basement paint to the inside of the basement wall, let the paint dry completely before touching it or placing anything next to the wall. The paint needs to have enough circulation to dry completely and successfully adhere to the cement wall.